ESG Commitment
Master the right steps to limit the spread

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., including its U.S. and international divisions and subsidiaries (Clear Channel), is proud of behaving ethically and responsibly as a company, an employer, and business partner in ways that inspire change locally - and expects the same from its suppliers and business partners.

The Clear Channel approach to ESG is based on international, federal and state law and responsible ethical business principles and best practices, serving the needs of each community in which we operate across the globe. While the focus of our Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives vary across our markets, all Clear Channel markets are united by a common understanding of the principles and values which underpin Clear Channel as an international organization.

We are proud to support the communities we serve and believe we play a role in helping communities address the challenges, big and small, that affect people’s daily lives. We seek opportunities to take ownership of challenges and provide ethical solutions that influence societal change.

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