Environment and Sustainability

Clear Channel maintains a committed approach towards creating a sustainable environmental management system and a responsive strategy to our communities’ changing risks. Recent initiatives to power our inventory from renewable energy sources, improve our environmental footprint, and build a sustainable future include:

  1. Sustainability – Reducing our impact through use of sustainable recycled and upcycled materials, sourcing and delivery. In the US, we converted our posters and most of our billboard products to include recyclable Polyethylene (PE) Substrates, and nearly 100% of our PE posters are recycled annually. Up to 98% of digital billboard components in the US are recyclable.
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  2. Loss of Biodiversity – Helping restore the decline of flora and fauna and increasing biodiversity. Market initiatives include Clear Channel wildlife corridors using bus shelter living roofs and green walls for billboards . Through our Trees for Cities collaboration in the UK we have planted hundreds of trees in urban areas .
  3. Climate Crisis – Becoming Carbon Net Zero. Through our LED upgrade across the US and internationally, we are working to become Carbon Net Zero. In the US, we have decreased our average energy use by over 60% . In the UK, we run competitions to find the best new student designs to improve the environmental impact of our assets , and many of our Business Units are ISO14001 certified.
  4. Environmental Disasters – Our markets are responsive to natural disasters and environmental issues that our communities face. We use our billboards and outdoor promotional space to ensure important public messages reach the mass public instantly. For example, in the 2017 Mexico City earthquake we provided emergency information and updates via our digital billboards, and our DOOH network is now being integrated into the earthquake alert system . We have contributed to Government communication responses to COVID19 in many countries.
  5. Advertising Innovations – Clear Channel is constantly innovating to enhance our products and create solutions which reduce our impact on the environment and bring additional benefits to citizens and cities across the world. Some of our examples include:
    1. advertising banners which absorb pollution and purify the air, used for building-mounted OOH ad tarpaulins in Brussels.
    2. advertising carrying live UV index readings to provide the public with important information on how to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays.