Texas Businesses, Kids Programming Cast in Starring Role on Airport TV at Dallas Love Field

City Harnesses New Television Platform to Entertain Eight Million Travelers Annually

ALLENTOWN, Pa., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Clear Channel Airports (CCA), a division of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CCO), and the world's leading marketer of airport multimedia, today announced that its airport TV network, ClearVision, launched at Dallas Love Field (DAL). The new in-airport television network features local, regional and national sponsors' products and services in starring roles opposite some of the best news, sports and entertainment from all the major broadcast networks, and for the first time, children's programming.

The strength and flexibility of this platform goes beyond its daily line-up of programming with the launch of "ClearVision Kids" at Dallas Love. The airport's management requested a separate children's television network and ClearVision delivered a customized solution for the Kids' Zones at the airport—an innovation now available for all ClearVision airports.

"With the launch of ClearVision TV throughout Clear Channel Airports, Dallas Love Field continues its commitment to leading the evolution of our passengers' experience," said Mark Duebner, director, Aviation, Dallas Love Field. "ClearVision is an entertaining medium for us to introduce air travelers to the best attractions, food and events Dallas and Texas offer by positioning this information alongside some of the most-watched television programs today."

In addition, ClearVision is the first real alternative in decades to the established video incumbent's news-only airport network. ClearVision provides airports, content partners, and advertisers with an unparalleled ability to reach and engage air travelers – through customized content ranging from local news to top network shows and live events.

"ClearVision brings airport entertainment into the 21st Century and represents a disruptive force for airport advertising in the U.S.," said Faith Roland, Clear Vision Business Development, Clear Channel Airports. "It's the latest example of how Clear Channel Airports continues to develop and deliver transformational solutions to the out-of-home market that allow brands to connect with consumers in an even more meaningful way."

ClearVision, debuted in February 2013 at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport  and made its second touch-down at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Its programming strategy delivers a 24-hour-a-day lineup of top network shows from 150 content providers, transformed into short-form "mini-sodes," news, weather and sports while enabling airports to offer a customized TV station featuring local businesses and relevant airport promotions.

Roy Laughlin, chief revenue officer and general manager, ClearVision/ConnectiVision added, "Captive audience is an overused term, but not in the case as this new airport-branded single channel solution with top-rated network programming. ClearVision allows local, regional and national businesses access to the sought after traveler audience in a venue where there is no fast-forward button."

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ClearVISION is a transformative away-from-home television broadcaster delivering a top-tier entertainment, news and sport programming mix to airports throughout the U.S. ClearVISION is a partnership between Clear Channel Airports and ConnectiVISION Digital Networks and is headquartered in Burbank, CA. The company's television content strategy provides Fortune 500 brands and advertisers with optimal engagement and consumer interaction. Visit www.clearvisiondigitalnetworks.com to learn more.

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