St. Petersburg, Florida Passes Digital Plan to Modernize the City’s Outdoor Advertising Industry

City Council Agrees on Clear Channel Outdoor Plan to Replace 83 Traditional Billboard Faces with Six Digital Billboards

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Starting today, Clear Channel Outdoor will begin implementing the plan passed unanimously by the St. Petersburg, FL city council that modernizes the city outdoor advertising industry. This historic plan replaces 83 traditional faces throughout St. Petersburg with six static digital billboards, including two on city property from which the city will receive 15% of revenue that will serve as an important revenue source. This transition begins today and will continue over the next six months.

The unanimous decision by the city council follows models set by Tampa, Pinellas County and other cities to modernize the outdoor advertising industry which provides local businesses with the most affordable and effective advertising channels while offering communities valuable resources to be used for public safety and emergency service situations.

“The city council’s unanimous vote resulted from many groups, including neighborhood associations, our Chamber of Commerce, city planning team and of course concerned citizens, who contributed positive feedback so that St. Petersburg could modernize our aging billboard network,” said Tom O’Neill, Vice President of Public Affairs/Clear Channel Outdoor – St. Petersburg/Tampa Market. “The city council’s decision will benefit St. Petersburg businesses, the city and the citizens of our great area.”

The outdoor advertising industry is over 100 years old, and has become more relevant today than ever before. Local businesses seeking to advertise their brand, products and services have very few affordable and effective options, but outdoor advertising is a proven and effective choice. The St. Petersburg community has significantly changed over the past 50 years, and the city council has found a balanced and fair resolution to remove billboards in locations that make no sense in today’s St. Petersburg neighborhoods.

“This deal is a great example of partnering with the local government to find a unique solution tailored to St. Pete that preserves and improves the critically important outdoor advertising industry while addressing the specific concerns of a local community,” said Bryan Parker, Executive Vice President, Real Estate and Public Affairs for Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. “We have been a part of urban landscapes for over 100 years and we are committed to working with local communities to help modernize our billboards to preserve the critical ability of businesses to reach consumers while fitting into today’s landscape.”

The six new digital billboards will join the current 30 digital sites throughout the Tampa Bay area. These sites provide modern tools for local businesses to utilize for creative and timely advertisements to St. Petersburg area residents. These digital billboards have also been used by law enforcement – including the FBI – in search of dangerous fugitives. Clear Channel Outdoor also commits use of these digital billboards during emergency situations, such as hurricanes, to help area residents get the latest information.

“Clear Channel Outdoor applauds the commitment by the city council and commits to continue to work with the community as we continue to modernize our billboards throughout the region,” added Daniel Dunnivant, President of the Clear Channel Outdoor – St. Petersburg/Tampa Market.

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