Clear Channel Airports & Monster Media Name Inaugural Advertiser for National Network of Innovative Displays

Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail Unveils Interactive Ad in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

First Ever Multi-Touch Technology-Based Signage Delivering Collaborative User Experience in Public Environment

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings:

WHO: Clear Channel Airports (CCA), the world's foremost marketer of airport advertising, and Monster Media, the leaders of full body responsive out-of-home advertising, have joined forces with UM, OAG and Creature to unveil the inaugural advertiser embracing their innovative network of multi-touch and gesture-based digital signage: Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail.

This particular Microsoft campaign utilizes the multi-touch application. The display is also capable of gesture activation, video, and mobile interaction for future ads.

WHAT: Located in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac Airport), CCA and Monster Media are presenting the first ever large-scale multi-touch display of its kind used in a public environment. The interactive wall display, which is made up of nine sleek 46" liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors arranged in a 3x3 square grid pattern, allows users to access a word bank to create and submit original works of poetry by pointing at or touching the screen. For inspiration, participants can even view previously submitted poems on the unit measuring 91" in height and 144" in width. The Sea-Tac digital sign is an integral component in Microsoft's broad campaign to promote the new Hotmail, representing the next generation in personal e-mail.

The LCD screen functions as both digital signage and a presentation system for conveying multi-media information. With this pioneering multi-touch feature, the number of users capable of executing their works of poetic art at one time is limitless.

WHY: The technology further strengthens the powerful out-of-home (OOH) advertising medium by allowing dynamic multi-media imagery and immersive technology to be integrated with branded messaging, to generate the highest level of engagement with consumers. The CCA and Monster Media partnership is opening up a world of possibilities for advertisers and marketers interested in the creation of highly effective multi-user, rich media experiences.

WHERE: The Central Terminal, near the highly trafficked food court area, of Sea-Tac Airport - the nation's 18th busiest airport, having served more than 31.3 million passengers in 2009.

WHEN: The campaign launches on Tuesday, June 1st and runs through June 30th.

    Source: Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings