Clear Channel Outdoor Enters into Agreement with FBI to Provide Clear Channel Outdoor Digital Billboards for FBI ``Most Wanted Messages''

Company president reveals on ``Today'' show that it's making over 150 digital displays across the country available for bureau's security messages Initiative follows three successful criminal apprehensions in Philadelphia


Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CCO), today announced on NBC's "Today" morning news program an agreement with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to display "wanted" messages on all of its digital billboards across the country. This national initiative will commence immediately and follows the successful apprehension of three criminals in Philadelphia as a direct result of information displayed on Clear Channel Outdoor's digital billboard network in that market. In addition to "wanted" bulletins, the FBI will be able to display high-security messages relevant to the communities in which Clear Channel Outdoor's digital billboards operate. A protocol also will be established for high priority "hot pursuit" messages to assist apprehending suspects in the immediate aftermath of the commission of a felony.

"The success of our 'wanted' messages on Clear Channel's digital billboards in Philadelphia was an impressive testament to this new technology's effectiveness in aiding law enforcement," stated Brett Hovington, FBI Community Relations Unit Chief. "The repetitive delivery of information to the public about the Philadelphia fugitives was key to prompting the calls that led to their surprisingly quick apprehension. Some of the most valuable information provided to law enforcement officials is anonymous, which is one of the advantages of billboards. They offer a degree of separation between the tipster and the authorities."

Paul Meyer, President and Chief Operating Officer of Clear Channel Outdoor, was interviewed earlier on "Today" and commented: "Since first launching our digital billboard networks, which are located in nearly 20 cities across the country, we have been committed to using this versatile technology to enhance public safety, from AMBER Alerts to quickly informing the travelling public in Minneapolis within 15 minutes of that City's tragic bridge collapse this past summer. Our partnership with the FBI to use our digital networks to assist in the apprehension of fugitives and provide other critical security messages is a logical extension of this invaluable community service. As more digital networks are deployed across the country, they will soon be an indispensable tool for reaching the travelling public in all national as well as local emergencies and, most importantly, for homeland security initiatives."

Many municipal governments have been quick to embrace digital billboard technology because it affords transportation agencies, police departments and other emergency services an extraordinarily effective means of quickly reaching people away from their homes with important public safety messages. Immediate notification of severe weather conditions, highway closures due to traffic incidents, disaster preparedness needs, or AMBER Alerts for missing or abducted children, can all be delivered to tens of thousands of motorists in real time by utilizing digital billboards.

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