Clear Channel Outdoor Wins Stockholm Transit Tender

Contract Follows Company's Highly Successful Advertising Relationships Built over the Past Year with Major Market Public Transit Systems


Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CCO) today announced that it has won advertising rights to the Stockholm public transit system, furthering its reach and delivery of advertisers' messages to travellers visiting and commuting in major cities. The 10-year contract is effective January 1, 2008.

Clear Channel Outdoor has seen its global transit-based operations grow significantly over the past year. In addition to Stockholm, the company renewed its contract with Chicago Metra Rail in January, extending its relationship with the transit operator for another 15 years. The company's French division announced a five-year contract agreement with the city of Lyon, France, operating 7,000 advertising faces on that city's buses, metro and tramway. Clear Channel Outdoor also announced strategic transit contracts in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Boston, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Seattle.

"The Stockholm transit contract is one of the largest outdoor advertising contracts in the world and winning this tender was one of our key strategic aims for 2007," said Paul Meyer, Global President and Chief Operating Officer of Clear Channel Outdoor. "International transit operations are a great complement to our existing billboard and street furniture operations."

The new contract includes the Stockholm subway's 100 stations and 800 trains, all the 1900 buses operating throughout the greater Stockholm region, 400 commuter and local trains and all roadside properties of the public transit authority (Stockholms Lokaltrafik). More than two million trips are made in Stockholm's subways and buses each day and the number of travellers is set to increase further as Stockholm introduces congestion charging for cars entering the city this summer.

"Our previous 10-year contract with Stockholm transit experienced a near tripling of advertising revenue, making transit advertising the fastest growing medium next to the internet in Sweden," said Maria Skoglund, General Manager of Clear Channel Sweden.

"We look forward to continued success here, and to the launch of digital media, which will be a key driver for future growth."

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Source: Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.