New Mobile Services from Clear Channel Interact Will Transform Outdoor Advertising


Clear Channel Outdoor UK is launching a suite of ground-breaking mobile services which will enable clients and agencies to interact directly with consumers through the outdoor medium. The new services, branded Clear Channel Interact, will allow consumers to opt-in to find out more information about an advertiser, download mobile vouchers for special offers, access mobile websites or find the nearest store, gym, cinema or other desired location.

The number of adult mobile phone owners in the UK has reached 88%, according to the Mobile Data Association, while Clear Channel Outdoor's 70,000 outdoor advertising opportunities reach 84% of the population every week*. Advertisers will now be able to book outdoor advertising campaigns that include a call to action for consumers to use their mobiles and text a Clear Channel operated shortcode number which provides access to a world of bespoke mobile information, selected by the advertiser.

These services will include: Find out more, Mobile voucher, Mobile website, Find my nearest, Consumer feedback, Voting service, Text messaging, Voice messaging, Picture messaging and Directory listings.

The Mobile voucher service, for example, will allow an advertiser to send vouchers direct to a mobile handset which can be redeemed directly in-store or by entering a unique code online.

The Find my nearest service can be used to drive footfall and facilitate the call to action of a particular campaign. Clear Channel Interact will be able to triangulate a consumer's location and search its database for the nearest locations according to keyword. The matching destinations, for example retail outlets, gyms or cinemas, can then be sent to the user's handset including addresses, telephone numbers and maps.

All of these services will be supported by a back-end system that will provide tracking and data profiling facilities for advertisers, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, further enhancing the accountability of specific campaigns, and the outdoor medium as a whole.

Clear Channel Outdoor UK CEO, Barry Sayer, said: "We see the launch of Clear Channel Interact as the perfect marriage between the world's oldest and newest media. While outdoor advertising provides clients with penetration at the heart of relevant environments and communities across the country, mobile technology closes the marketing loop by directly linking the consumer to the advertiser, initialising two-way communication."

    *Source: TGI UK - July 2006 - June 2007

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Clear Channel Outdoor UK is the United Kingdom's leading outdoor advertising company, providing more than 70,000 advertising opportunities across its four premier brands: Clear Channel Billboards, Clear Channel Adshel, Clear Channel Pinnacle and Taxi Media. Clear Channel Adshel is the UK's leading supplier of 6-sheet advertising with 65% of the UK roadside 6-sheet market. Clear Channel Adshel offers point of sale opportunities at Sainsbury's and Somerfield supermarkets and in over 80 UK shopping centres as well as advertising at music venues and universities. Clear Channel Adshel also offers sites at Birmingham International Airport. Clear Channel Billboards is the market leader in 96 sheet billboards and provides a national offering of 48 sheet billboards across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Clear Channel Pinnacle offers premium advertising on over 200 special high-profile sites such as London's Cromwell Road and M4 Towers.

Clear Channel Outdoor UK introduced Audience Solutions to the marketplace in 2000 and has since extended this concept across all its formats. Audience Solutions puts the consumer at the heart of all communications and offers a flexible, responsive and relevant solution for every brief through the CCO Campaign Planning team.

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